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Tips for Managing Fatigue

Cancer-related fatigue is a common challenge. If you've faced it, we'd like to hear your tips:

-How do you manage cancer-related fatigue?
-Share strategies or resources that have helped.
-Any lifestyle changes or treatments you've found effective?

Your insights can support others on this journey. Thanks for sharing!

  1. I have been surviving CLL since 2015. Fatigue is definitely a constant challenge which is made worse by chemo.

    I have found it easiest to manage by literally taking it day by day. Keeping a positive mindset and embracing life for what it is has helped me. Some days I can do more than others. I do try to maintain protein in some form in my diet, even if it is in liquid form. And staying hydrated helps. The biggest tip I give anyone (and still have to tell myself) is to listen to your body! When your body says "Rest"... listen! It knows what it needs. Fatigue is not "Tired or Sleepy." When your body can't do any more for the time being it's okay.

    My biggest lifestyle change was asking for help and allowing people to help. I also don't drive right now. But accepting that my loved ones are there when I need them and want to be has been wonderful. It's brought us closer.

    1. I have SLL and was diagnosed in Jan 2022. The fatigue is like nothing I’ve ever felt and a constant challenge as well. I’m not in treatment yet but I’ll find out in March how close I am to needing it. I’m not good at asking for help but I’m getting better! I think for me, the hardest thing is realizing I can’t do some of the things I want to do when i want to do them. It’s especially hard in the summer when all I want to do is walk the beach and sit by the water. Sometimes I’m just too tired to do it although some exercise if I can manage it can help. One day at a time!

      1. great plan! So glad it's working for you.

      2. So agree - keeping active is important as is connecting with folks - Dennis( TEAM)

    2. I push through it until I can't anymore ten I lay down several times sometimes a day

      1. finding the balance of when to push and when to stop and rest can be a challenge. It sounds like you've learned your limitations.

    3. I finally got to remission with my AML but I’m still taking an oral chemo for maintenance. Both AML & the chemo gang up on me to give me fatigue almost everyday. When it’s not too bad, I do things in 30 min. - 1 hour increments. Then I rest.

      1. congratulations on your remission! It's good that you are honoring what you feel and resting when needed, I know that's not always easy. Thanks for sharing!

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