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can one get leukemia due to a covid vaccine

Hello ,
my mom was diagnosed with PH+ ALL a month ago, and we are thinking that this might be a side effect of the vaccine after all , cause her health started detoriating after the vaccine , and her bloodwork was normal too, can someone let me know if they have had a similar experience and if it is possible

  1. I was diagnosed with the exact same diagnosis but I can’t tell you if that’s a side effect from the vaccination. 🫂🫂🫂 Amanda🐼( team member)❤️

    1. Once my chemo stopped at the end of November 2020 my oncologist recommended I take the Pfizer shot at the end of January 2021. He is now recommending I take the booster based on current national findings done on blood cancer patients .

      With so many things up in the air with COVID it is hard to know what is the best. I will suggest if the shot was suspected of causing blood cancer I doubt it would have been recommended. Perhaps with your mom some unfortunate timing may have been at play Dennis( TEAM)

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