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Anyone Have Suggestions That Don’t Require Chemo?

Hi everyone, My name is Shawn and I am 54 years old and recently diagnosed with multiple issues, but on here for PV. My father passed from PV, he had a 35-pound spleen that burst, but live 9 years longer. I was diagnosed finally by a Rheumatologist because of the symptom of itching after a shower.
I was able to get genetic testing finally and my PV was caught early. I only have to do phlebotomy (bloodletting) right now quarterly and wondered if anyone has suggestions that don’t require chemo? I also have researched Turmeric (Cur-cumin) and can’t find dosing info. I don’t want my next step to be chemo if this accelerates. I have unspecified immune problems, degenerative bone disease, Scleroderma & skin Cancer. Any advice is welcome. Thank you. I wish the best to everyone.

  1. Here's an article that talks about complementary and alternative treatments that may be helpful: Warmly, Rackel ( Team Member)

    1. Thank you for the additional options. I did lose 40 pounds to get my health on track, sometimes massage therapy helps and sometimes it makes me nauseous. Diet has been important for me.

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    Thanks for reaching out and sharing your story.
    We're glad you found this community. Your diagnosis along with your family history can certainly be overwhelming. In addition to the article that Rackel shared, I thought you may find this interesting: It is a great piece by one of our advocates on their PV journey.
    All my best, Doreen (Team Member)

    1. Thank you, your information was helpful.

  3. As someone who has gone through Chemo and Radiation for different cancers all I can say is those C and R words scared the heck out of me. That said I managed to get through it all. We can and do react differently to various treatments. You just do not know in advance how a treatment protocol will hit you. Personally I did quite well with chemo, surgery and radiation. Was it a cakewalk? No ... Would I do it again? Yup.

    My suggestion to anyone facing cancer is to keep an open mind and ask lots of questions. You may also want to look into some of the newer developments in genomic testing and treatments for various cancers. Not sure if anything is there but who know?

    None of this is easy best to take it one day at a time. So glad you found this community. Dennis( Team)

    1. - thank you for your kindness and glad you are doing well. I’m trying my best to keep an open mind.

  4. I also did chemotherapy the first time and second time I was diagnosed with cancer. Just like its definitely not a catwalk, but I too got through all my treatments. I do understand wanting to go natural as well. I personally

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