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DO You have trouble with people saying 'OMG, YOU DONT LOOK LIKE YOU HAVE CANCER"

I have been diagnosed with Leukemia since 2012. It was REALLY hard at the beginning, mental, physically, emotionally. I am still on medication for it. When i tell people , its not like i come out and say it, but getting to know people they struggle that I just dont look sick. Well thats a compliment , right? But, they have no clue how screwed up I am on the inside. Sometimes it bothers me and sometimes i shrug it off.

  1. Yes, I think many people can relate to the "You don't look sick". I think when people don't do their due diligence to truly understand the disease and what the patient goes through, well they continue to be in the closet. Some of us do a good job of trying to look and feel good, but it is some work, more so for our well being not for others. I think whoever gets the trials gets that those comments say very little. I would continue to smile and shrug it off. Wishing you the very best!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate your response.

      1. I can SO relate to this, and I'm sure many others here will agree. It has taken me a long time to accept that some people just aren't going to understand. I hope you can find peace with that for yourself. There are always others here you can vent to who will get it, so please reach out any time. We're in this together!
        Angie (Team Member)

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