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What blood cancer were you diagnosed with?

Share what type of blood cancer you were diagnosed with and connect with others who share the same diagnosis!

  1. CML. In "real life," I've only met one other person with it. She lives in the next town over from me and we have the same birthday, oddly enough.

    1. Ph+ CML, was diagnosed last month. I'm trying to absorb as much information as I can about CML.

    2. It's been 7 years for me next month so if you have any questions, I can try to help.

  2. I have been diagnosed with CLL

    1. I have been managing for 6 years, along with ovarian cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer. It's been a journey. thankful to still be here and doing ok. Thank you!

    2. wow. You certainly have your hands full for sure. It's so amazing how much the body can take, and learn to adapt to various different stresses. We certainly would like to keep up with your journey through all this, if you wouldn't mind keeping up to date. Best wishes my friend. Shane ( team member)

  3. I was diagnosed with Adult ALL. While going through inpatient treatment I met someone going through Adult ALL as well. We both had to have a SCT It's been great having someone who knows first hand how all this affects you

    1. My friend and I are 4 years out from diagnoses and 3 years from our bone marrow transplants and talk often. So many things come up that challenge your resolve, it has been priceless to have her to talk to.

    2. Its always nice and someone close by who understands exactly what you're going through and truly understands. Your right! that's priceless and sooo valued <3

  4. Multiple Myeloma

    1. Thank you for sharing. We are here for you. Warmly, Liz ( Team Member)

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