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What blood cancer were you diagnosed with?

Share what type of blood cancer you were diagnosed with and connect with others who share the same diagnosis!

  1. CML. In "real life," I've only met one other person with it. She lives in the next town over from me and we have the same birthday, oddly enough.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story and bringing such positivity to this community. I am so glad to hear that you are able to connect with others through this group- that is exactly what we hope for. We are so happy to have you as part of this community. Please keep us posted on how things are going. Sending you positive thoughts! - Sophie, team member

    2. Thank you kindly...I appreciate a place where US patient's can get support from you be another through difficult and good times.. SHARING IS CARING...May GOD ALMIGHTY HEAL EVERYONE 🙏

  2. I have been diagnosed with CLL

    1. It truly is a different journey for each of us! Prayerfully you remain watch and wait. Many people do! Please don't allow my story to scare you lol! I am just one of many. I am thankful that it has been a much better outcome for you and pray it stays that way! Hugs!!!

      Leya Elijah - Team Member

    2. your ok now? 😢🫂❤️

  3. I was diagnosed with Adult ALL. While going through inpatient treatment I met someone going through Adult ALL as well. We both had to have a SCT It's been great having someone who knows first hand how all this affects you

    1. When were you diagnosed? I was diagnosed in 2015. How have you been coping and living with the disease?

    2. me as well stay strong

  4. Multiple Myeloma

    1. Thank you for sharing. We are here for you. Warmly, Liz ( Team Member)

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