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My husband was just diagnosed with CLL! We are numb and scared ! Just trying to educate myself as much as I can before we see the oncologist on 11/4!

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@ronnigordon I agree with you about showers – I love to just stand there and let the hot water run over me. I have very dry skin too. What I do, and it’s helped a lot, is to do a dry body brushing before showering. After showering I use a moisturizer and then a skin protective barrier cream. I make it out of coconut oil but you can buy them in the…

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Great advice. First, I feel sad your daughter was diagnosed, and then her boyfriend hurt her in the way he did. It’s true, I’ve learned that some will reach out, call, visit and just be there for you. But in the past 3 years I learned and finally accepted some, even family members won’t reach out or even drop a text. It hurt at first. Gradu…

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Hospice is a scary word and brings back memories of my mother’s death. With that being said, the care my mother got at the end of her life from hospice was phenomenal! Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to take advantage of all that was offered, but hospice brought in a comfortable bed and pain relief medication. She would have been able to receive at…

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@jim-smith A tough conversation to have with ourselves. I have some friends that are sick and I’m on a few sites where people are terribly ill and I send prayers their way – and I really do. We don’t know for sure what our fate will be after death but my thoughts are usually about where did all this come from? Us, the Earth, the universe – it had…