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Frankl’s book has been part of me ever since I read it in college (in the 70s). It has shaped my attitude about dealing with relapsed AML. I agree about the goals, but they can be tough to keep in focus as the ground underneath keeps shifting.

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When I was given the lab work order for the fish test I didn’t realize it wasn’t an ordinary blood draw. I took the order to the local clinic rather than drive all the way to the cancer center. The phlebotomist about went bezerk trying to figure out how to do each of the samples. He must have done ok but he told me if I ever needed another fis…

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What a story!
That’s really unfortunate. I’m so happy I’m happily married and don’t have to deal with this online new dating era. I’m always suspect of new people so I know I would have a hard time believing despite me giving up all of my information. With that said there are some success stories with this online dating as well. I’ll just say be…