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Vincent, Thanks for the reminder! I had forgotten I wrote this. It’s still on my to do list. I think since May 2 is my diagnosis anniversary date, I’ll start on that day and track things for a year. I’ll ponder this and update you.

And thanks for the note.

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Three things I’m thankful for today……..
– surviving 2 bouts of lymphoma (I will not give the disease the honor of capitalizing it’s name.).
– receiving unbelievably awesome medical care from all my providers here at St. Luke’s, Boise, ID.
– having a spouse who is one of the most caring individuals I have ever known.

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B”H This video is soooooo spot-on!!!! Just so so true. People “google” everything these days, I think it would really be so easy for a person to check in the internet what to say and how to act when a person in their life got diagnosed… I REALLY want to thank you for making this important video, hope it will reach many many people because being…

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I like your advice very much! When I was first diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia I was pretty shaken by “watchful waiting” and having blood work done every three months. Just when I would stop focusing on having been diagnosed it would be time to have more lab testing. Every bump, bruise, cut that healed slowly, swollen gland and time…

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This is SUCH an important topic I think. Because the truth is… we have a CHOICE! So if we don’t vibe or truly feel comfortable with the first person we see, I think there is a choice to go see a second opinion. The unfortunate aspect is that insurance does play a role in WHO we get to see first hand. I truly believe that I got so lucky in…

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I am 73 years old and in my 3rd year of watchful waiting. It is helpful to me to read that someone is in the 9th year of “watchful waiting”! Given the blood tests I do every four months, I can say that I remain quite healthy, and I feel good. Often I forget I “have cancer.” Because of this disease, I retired two years ago from work that I…

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I think you brought that home so well @bobtalisker. Knowing your body is such an important relationship to build regardless of your health. Thank you for sharing and driving this point home. I’m curious though, how did you come to decide on a 3 day rule? Was there a method to deciding 3 days? Or was it an approach that you’ve just committed to executing?