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Hi @ggelbe1947 – Thanks for sharing how you are feeling. You are certainly not alone. Are you currently going through treatment? I am going to send you a friend request so that you can reach out with any question you may have about using the site. Thanks for being a part of the community! Best, Anthony ( Team Member)

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@carolshowes – I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been dealing with bone pain. Bone pain is certainly a frustrating symptom of many blood cancers and a side effect of some treatments. Depending on the amount of pain you’re experiencing, the cause of the pain, and your preferences for treatment, treatment for bone pain can include medication and/or…

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We have heard from many community members about their experiences prepping for, going through, and recovering from a stem cell transplant(SCT) – sometimes multiple transplants. Other members are just learning that a SCT may be the best hope for remission but have no idea what to expect, or how to physically or mentally prepare for such a major…