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How would you describe your relationship with your doctor?

How would you describe your relationship with your doctor? Do you trust your doctor? Do you feel like they listen to you?

  1. I more or less trust him however with that said it took 34 days for the office to contact me to begin treatments. Good news is things have worked out in that area and I now feel better both in health and in a rebuilding of my trust in him.

    1. I don’t have the best relationship with my oncologist; my original oncologist we had an AMAZING relationship but the my now oncologist took his place and it has not been great at all if I can be candid. I don’t trust him and I don’t feel he hears me out but dismisses my concerns. It’s been hard trying to get a new doctor. I don’t have to See him often so I just make my trips quick, but if you were to ask me would I allow him to treat me God forbid I had another episode my answer would definitely be “NO‼️“ I would definitely go and find my old oncologist. Just being very truthful. Post transplant is hard, May be harder than treatment just because it’s all the adult stuff that you discover.

      1. It was a process I will say that. I think we've both learned to have a level of authentic respect for each other. It has been challenging as I've been quite vocal about what would and would not be happening. It's about leverage and I think it's at a good place, and even more so with remission

        1. I view my relationship with my oncologist as a partnership - and if I get to a point where it is not working or I lose confidence it is time to make a change. In the past my daughter and I taught personal safety classes. One of the first things we stressed to the women attendees was "be aware." And no that does not mean looking around at your surroundings ....

          Rather in any situation always have a plan of action in plan in place BEFORE you need one. In short action always beats reaction every time

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