Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis for Thanksgiving

“I just don’t feel right.” That’s how I remember it starting. And then the simple things like climbing one flight of stairs in my house winded me. “Hmmm. Strange.” And then the pain that came when I went to see a chiropractor because I thought I needed a simple adjustment. “Ouch! He broke a rib!”

And then one week later right after Thanksgiving 2018, I couldn’t handle the pain any longer. Emergency Room here I come! 6 hours later a stranger was telling me with tears in her eyes that they believed I had Multiple Myeloma. “Multiple what?”

And thus began my journey.

I’ve just begun my third cycle on Rvlmd, Velcade, Xgeva, and Dex. I’ve responded to treatment well they say. We met with a bone marrow transplant team in Kansas City and we were thrilled with them. I’m scheduled for stem cell harvest at the end of March 2019 followed by chemo and transplant.

Today was a good day. I’ve learned to manage my current treatment. Meaning, I know when I’ll be tired. I know when to work and when I’ll be strapped with fatigue. I feel lucky that I’m a Pastor full time and my church has been so gracious to me and my family. I’m also grateful I found this community. You’re all in my prayers as we navigate the unknowns together. Thank you for allowing me to enter your lives in this way.

I look forward to keeping you, my new family, updated on my ups and downs as well as reading about yours. May you be richly blessed as you navigate these sometimes turbulent shores.

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  • Ann Harper moderator
    2 weeks ago

    It’s wonderful that you have your faith to lean on as you go through this. I wish you the very best as you continue on your journey and I will say a parayer for you.

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