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Has faith helped you cope with your diagnosis?

Many people in our community have mentioned that their faith has played a major role in coping with their diagnosis. Has faith played a role in your coping?

  1. Yes, very much so, My faith has grown much stronger, since I got Cancer.
    It is Gods will, that I am still here.

    1. Most definitely!! I'm amazed I'm still here, but I know there's a higher purpose, which is not to be complacent, but do my part in advocacy, a little at a time. My faith has stood by me through the darkest times.

      1. Knowing where it ends gives you comfort.

        1. It does, but we're in the present so just living to the fullest with high expectations is key. Keep up the fight. Best!

      2. Most definitely. I have a peace that my friends are amazed by. My peace comes from knowing that my Creator is taking good of me.

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