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SCTtalk: A Stem Cell Transplant Discussion

We have heard from many community members about their experiences prepping for, going through, and recovering from a stem cell transplant(SCT) - sometimes multiple transplants.

Other members are just learning that a SCT may be the best hope for remission but have no idea what to expect, or how to physically or mentally prepare for such a major procedure.

Do you fall into either of these groups?Do you have any questions about an upcoming SCT?Do you have any valuable experiences to share with others about your transplant?

Let's talk about it!

  1. Generally, how long does it take to harvest enough stem cells for a transplant?

    1. Mine were harvested over a two day period. Prior to the harvesting I had two shots for four days to stimulate the growth of the cells.
      While harvesting, I was in bed for several hours each day. It is painless.

      You might get some muscle ache from the shots. Everyone responds differently. Good luck!

  2. I will be having a SCT soon and I am scared about the whole process. I just received a call from Hershey to meet with Radiation oncology and this cares me. Can anyone tell me their story. My Donor match is a 6 out of 8 HLA match did anyone have the same match. Worried because its not a perfect match. Thanks

    1. I had stem-cell transplant in April of 2017! This is what I wished I did better.
      1 walked more
      2 drank more water
      3 ate
      4 vaseline

      After my sct I was able to leave the hospital after 30 days. When I got home I was exhausted, nauseated and grumpy.
      Basically I lost 60 lbs in six weeks because I wouldn't eat anything every single thing tasted like chemo and I drank 1bottle of water a day. Because this I lost a ton muscle mass. I could barely walk or put a sentence together. My nurse practitioner said I will put you in the hospital for the next 30 days if you don't start eating. I had to keep a food journal and had to physical therapy to learn how to walk and I had to relearn how to write. And use plenty of vasoline because your skin gets very very dry!!!

      Please make sure to eat and drink. Get up and move. Please learn from my mistakes.. Good luck!!

    2. Hey , How are you doing? Were you able to schedule your SCT? Hope you are doing well. Sending positive thoughts, Anthony (Team Member)

  3. Dana-Farber just ran a story in their Inside the Institute pub with the headline, "Success with 'half-matched' donors advances transplant options." So with you having even more than half, their success with half should hopefully give you less cause for concern.

    1. I did find some of this all helpful
      I have become very sick again, I had a gamma globulin infusion yesterday.
      I have another 1 on Monday, then again on Tuesday.
      Plus I had IV type steroids and I am on oral steroids.
      I don't feel well.
      I am being told I may need a stem cell transplant and It does scar me??

      Any advice from experience??

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