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Upcoming SCT: What should I expect?

I am currently trying to gain my strength so I can have my stem cell transplant. I am scared about the transplant and would like anyone to tell me their thoughts on the procedure and how your doing now after.

  1. Hi lorc,

    I had a stem cell transplant May of 2015. So I am three years post my Allogenic transplant and am feeling great. The road after a transplant is long and has ups and downs. What are you most concerned/worried about. I would love to help answer some questions for you!
    This article that I wrote might help you understand the stem cell transplant process while you are still in the hospital .
    I hope this helps!
    Warmly, Elle (community moderator)

    1. Ellie, Thank you so much for responding and also for your article on chutes and and ladders. It makes so much sense and did help. I guess I am worried about making it through the process. It sounds so rough I worry about getting sick through the process. I am weak from previous 2 inductions now and am trying to build my self up. Reading about the process doesnt always make it easier it doesnt scarey.

      1. Yes it is definitely a scary process and long. I remember reading about it before my transplant and it is all so daunting! In regards to staying healthy through the process. Wearing a mask, staying away from public places with a lot of people, washing your hands a lot helps! Staying positive about the whole thing is the best way to go into it! Let me know if you are worried about anything else. I am always here to answer questions! When will you be going in for your SCT?

    2. Ellie I was at DR. Yesterday. I have a donor that is a 6 out of 8 match. Looks like I will be having my SCT in September. I am scared but excited to finally move on and hopefully have a normal life again. I am worried about the chemo amd affects and what may happen because its not an exact match graft failure. I need to stop worrying. But how

      1. Ronnie thanks for the info. I cant wait to get it over with. Induction chemo made me feel pretty crappy. I will be having my SCT at Penn Medicine Hershey Cancer center. Where did you have your transplant? I am worried about being so weak and getting sick. But I have to do it. Sometimes I still cant believe it.

      2. I can't seem to reply to your question about where I had my transplant. It was at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. I also used to worry a lot because that's my nature, and I still do it. A nurse who became a friend used to sit on the edge of my bed and say, "They'll figure it out." You just have to try to give it up to the experts and find some way to distract yourself. Easier said than done but worth a try!

    3. Ronnie thanks so much for replying. I am a worry wart but i realize I need to have faith and stop worrying so much. I have read so much on line its real scarey. Thanls again

      1. Easier said than done, because I stay up way too late looking up this and that on the computer, but get off the internet! Read or listen to a book or find an easy-to-watch TV show. What are your interests?

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