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When I first started treatment I felt _____________.

Fill in the blank and share how you felt when you first started treatment and what advice you'd share for those who are currently starting treatment.

  1. I felt good then. Feel like crap now.

    1. How did I feel going in?

      There are lots of stories on line about on how bad chemo can be. My oncologist also had me do my first treatment at the main hospital vs a local infusion center. "Why I asked?" As a precaution he said just in case you need additional emergency resources to address a violent reaction to the drugs.

      How did I feel going in ? Scared as hell and nervous.

      Two days later I did well with the 8hr infusion and had no apparent issues. My suggestion is bring a book, sign up for a music subscription, and bring headphones if you want to zone out. Time dies slowly in the infusion center

      Then 3 days later it became apparent I was not drinking enough fluids ( I was drinking 50 -60 oz a day and learned I personally needed to down 90+ every day).

      I began passing out due to low blood pressure and quickly developed a significant bowel blockage that required an ambulance ride, a nasty procedure and a 10 day hospital stay.

      How did I feel after that ? Drained but better prepared for infusion 2

      My advice ... Drink more liquids than you ever thought you ever needed. Chemo drugs can impact you very quickly in an amazing number of ways. Finally ... Do not remain silent if you are not feeling right.

      1. Scared, nervous, but hopeful, thankful, grateful, cheerful. I know that sounds crazy but it’s actually how I felt and I still feel that way. God had his hand on me and I chose joy even in a bad situation. is right drink water 💦 🥤 it really does help.

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