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Loss of Smell and Taste

Did anyone experience loss of smell and taste from their blood cancer treatment? A community member shared this on Facebook: What about smell and taste? I’m approaching three years of post-treatment recovery for NHL and I still can’t taste or smell. Sometimes they will return for a day or a few hours and then they’re gone again. Smell and taste go hand in hand. Sweets are the only thing I can taste consistently, but I’m a diabetic and have limits there. I’m glad to be alive and in remission, but I sure would like to be able to taste good food again.

Hugs and prayers.

  1. Funny you mention sweets - I was the same. While I lost all taste I did retain some sense of smell but only experienced it when exhaling through my nose. That was a really a strange sensation.

    I am now almost 11 months past chemo and my taste has returned along with the sense of smell. So all good here but I still have a lot of numbness in my toes. Another strange result of chemo - but glad to be here

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