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Future of Liquid Biopsies

Is it me or are you hopeful of the day when BMX (Bone Marrow Biopsies) and the process of finding and knowing are better achieved, with the same accuracy but with blood work rather than the trials of what we all know that follow...(blink, blink)

  1. Yolanda Brunson

    1. I have been following what has been happening with liquid biopsy as it relates to prostate cancer. So far the process is slow but appears to show some promise In an ideal world you would think liquid biopsies for blood cancer would be able to capture the molecular panorama of the tumor landscape
      Apparently there are issues with developing standard measurements and more. If and when it happens it would sure make it easer on patients

      1. Let's hope slow and steady wins the race, as this is something that would delight the many that go through this ordeal often.

    2. Oh man you all are teaching me something new! I’ve never heard of this. I’m going to look more into this, very interesting! To be honest I don’t understand completely but I’m gonna read up on it some more so I can understand exactly what you guys are saying. But while I’m here can you guys explain to me what you’re really saying. I understand but I don’t understand forgive me I have dyslexia so I’m trying to understand…interpret what’s going on. Just a little confused but very curious Amanda 🐼( team member ❤️)

      1. Sure, well in a nutshell liquid biopsy is the new future in moving forward when it comes to doing the normal bone marrow biopsy. Rather than removing a sample from the back of the pelvic bone (usually), it's been some talk about having this procedure work with a simple blood test, rather than the prodding and pain that follows the typical way. Unfortunately the technicalities in the extraction and the goal of the result actually showing how far in your cancer diagnosis a patient can be and so forth makes the science of this happening sooner with a blood test way off, but they are working on it. Hope this sums it up : )

    3. Thank you so much for explaining this to me wow‼️🤯🙂medicine has come along way and those bone biopsies as of now 😖😖😖but the liquid bone biopsy sounds so much better ❤️Thank you for taking time to inform me! I love Learning new things 🤓 📖 📚

      1. You're very welcome Amanda. Hope the advancement of treating this disease keeps at it!

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