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Handling Anxiety and Cancer

There are no easy fixes when it comes to how to feel with blood cancer. What have been some of your coping mechanisms? I personally don't dread in it too much because I can't live in the past and frankly can't predict the future, so I muster in the present. Though gloom thoughts may pop in here and there, I look around at where I'm at, at that moment, and keep that momentum.

  1. I've recently been told that chemo is a choice. I understand that without it I might have a year or a year and a half to live without it. I've shared this info. How do I respond when someone I respect and love tells me that chemo is a choice? I'm struggling with this and I'm not sure how to deal with the anxiety around that perspective. I appreciate being in the moment. Some moments, tho, are heartbreaking.

    1. It looks like another chemo change is in order. I'll be talking to my oncologist next week. The bloodwork isn't good and the side effects are worse. As for relationships? Staying close to those who offer support is the best way to go.

    2. Agreed. With better health comes better opportunities. It's something to strive for. Realizing that choices are limited requires compassion. Compassion and understanding are the key. Thank you for reaching out.

  2. praying and worship music 🎶 I can’t stop those gloomy thoughts from popping up but I try my best to quickly think of somethings to be grateful for and replace those thoughts with Joy thoughts. I can be an over thinker at times so I’ve really been trying to train my mind to think better thoughts and more positive thoughts. I end my positive

    1. Nothing wrong with that! We do whatever brings us comfort. Best!

    2. yes , be happy and live your life as well as take care o f your health

  3. I believe cancer is one of those things that is still based on the war stories we hear about when it comes to cancer. But yet even the real doctors and researchers are still learning the unknown. But, in today's society, everyone is either a lawer, or a doctor, or a news media because everyone has a camera on their cell phones. At least they think they are anyway.

    When it comes to cancer, or any disease really, everyone needs to learn about compassion, and deal with the reality of life in general. The sad part is, it will never be that way. So, the reality of it all is you..the individual...needs to do your own homework and research, instead relying on others "knowledge". Except from a doctor of course. We can accept the knowledge from sites like this one for the most part. But research from reliable resources is key.

    One day we will find the right key in our DNA to stop cancer in its tracks altogether. They now know how to find the cancer block in our DNA, they just haven't figured out how to remove that cancer block safely yet without causing a domino effect of other problems.

    In the end, it truely is up to us with how we, as the person diagnosed with cancer, responds to what to do next. We all know chemo is down right a scary way to go. But is there really a choice? The way I see it is, there's only 3 choices. Live hopefully another 20 years or so, doing the chemotherapy or alternative treatments if any for your diagnosis? Not accepting the treatments because of beliefs, and take our chances? Or just not take the treatments, and let the cancer run its course, just letting our immune systems do the fighting. For me, the later choices just wasn't a very good alterative.

    Life is crazy as it is. Why make it more difficult? Shane ( team member)

    1. The choices sound about right! Best

  4. Exactly . This disease requires so much of our fighting spirit, our attention and our motivation. There is rarely anything left over for unnecessary conflict. Boundaries are extremely important and demand consequences in order to be respected. As always, understanding and compassion is key.

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