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Chemo, Treatments and Side Effects: The Stuff they FORGOT to Tell You!

All of us with blood cancer don't necessarily go through chemotherapy. But most of us go through some form of treatment...

We are familiar with the "usual" side effects, but I will tell you I have experienced things that I wasn't prepared for! Some have been small and others have been... "What in the world is happening??" LOL!!

Have you experienced any unusual or different side effects from chemo or any other treatments that you really wish you someone had prepared you for? How did you handle it?

~Leya Elijah - Team Member~

  1. I have been unable to eat eggs since I went through chemo the first time back in 2008. They make me very sick despite eating them all of my life. It took me years to figure it out.

    1. Thats sad 😥 I have naseau in morning trying new things peppermint gum and tea may seam to help bring it under control or it could be combination and a bowl of sativa for energy and calming of the gut in am after hu at night with a bowl of cereal.

      Empty stomach seems worse but gaining weight eating and going to bed ?

      Have to find the right combo any help have stomach issues ulcer polyps gerds already prior to hu

      1. The "best" and the "baddest" advice was from a nurse at the infusion center. I was trying to eat healthy ... She said when you are undergoing chemo eat what ever appeals to you and forget any healthy eating patterns. You can worry about that later just get any kind of calories into to you when on treatment. She told me of patients that ate the same thing at every meal for weeks on end because they could taste it or get it down . For me it was anything with tomato sauce and dark chocolate - I also discovered pepper lemon seasoning made things work for me. In time i suspect you will find things that will work and agree with your system. It is not easy but just hang in there 😀 Dennis ( TEAM)

      2. I was told the same thing and still do that.

    2. My nose and mouth became mucus pits all the time. I see black floaty things and have no depth perception. The coup de grace are panic attacks. Good times.

      1. thank you for being so open about your experiences. As horrible as these things felt in the moment, it is helpful and inspiring to know you made it through. Crying it out is often the greatest release! I've had some necessary BIG cries during my blood cancer roller coaster ride too. I hope you feel supported here as you go through scanxiety and any ups and downs you may experience. We're here to listen any time!!

      2. There's nothing wrong or taboo with a good cry either. I used mindfulness sessions more when I was in corporate, but it did filter its way to be quite helpful on the medical end as well. Wishing you the very best!

    3. Oh boy, the mouth sores. I knew there was some mouth stuff but they did not prepare me for how bad the sores were when the candida in the mouth became overgrown because of the massive dose of steroids that comes with chemo. It took me almost a week of anti-fungals to get rid of it to the point where eating wasn’t a total nightmare. After that it was hot sauce on everything just to taste something. Keep on keepin’ on, DPM

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