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Status of CBD for Cancer Patients in South Dakota

  • By ksantema

    I have had many discussions about CBD legality for cancer patients in various support groups. To help help cancer patients in SD understand the legality of CBD in this state, I did the follow post on my cancer blog today: Status of cannabidiol for cancer patients in SD

  • By Anthony Carrone Keymaster

    Hey @ksantema, thanks for sharing this article from your blog – very informative! It is certainly important to be aware of the laws in your state when it comes to medical marijuana and CBD. I have heard from people in our community on Facebook, and a few here, who have talked about the benefits they have experienced with using CBD. Someone recently posted a question about it in our Q&A section. Feel free to jump in the conversation here: Thanks again for sharing and being a part of the community. Sending positive vibes, Anthony (Team Member)

  • By Ann Harper Moderator

    I tried CBD oil and I didn’t like it, but I know it’s so helpful to many.