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My Journey with CLL and CAD

It's time to share. I have been in the background this past year as I struggled to climb this uphill trail.

It's been two months since I finished my treatment and nothing can beat the way I feel now. (Oh, how I say this with such confidence!) 2018 was not a pleasant time for me, physical nor mental. Eight months of those were trips to the ER or the infusion bed. Bouts of aches and pains, fatigue and all other not so nice stuff to mention was a daily routine for me.

Family, friends and faith

But what kept me going were the warmth of family and friends, near and far, that surrounded me with much love, who gave me care, good thoughts and prayers and true friendship. Nothing can beat HIS love for me for I overcame the worst side effect of the disease, depression! You were all there with me as I took this grueling trip to remission.

My most recent visit to my oncologist confirmed that my numbers are now good and with His grace, I am winning the war. My fortress is up with drugs to keep my immune system strong, I can't ask for more. Thank you for being there for me, my heart is full.

The power of storytelling

Sharing this is one of my best therapies ❤️ and I hope you can take whatever value it may bring. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

I may not be cured but I am treated with advanced medication that will sustain me for more than a few winters and allow me to live a "normal" life.


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