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Choosing Your Oncologist

Finding a doctor that is an expert in treating your kind of cancer is essential, but that doctor also needs to be a match for your personality too. How did you go about finding the doctor that was right for you?

  1. I found a doctor that knew just about my cancer. Nothing else.

    1. It is wise to consult with a doctor that treats only your type of cancer especially if you have a rare cancer. Specialists are up-to-date with the latest developments and know clinical trials that are available. Specialist often work hand in hand with your local oncologist.

  2. My medical oncologist, Dr. Bikinna is the best, he is more concerned about his patients health, than money.
    I just got lucky!
    He knows what he is doing.
    His partner Dr. Maunglay is one of the 2 whistleblower Dr.'s, that exposed Dr. Fatta ( Canton Mi. ) who went to jail for life, after being convicted of murdering many patients, by giving Chemo, when it was not needed, ( for profit? )
    Dr. Maunglay was on Dateline NBC, and 60 Minutes about this case, He jeopardized his life and practice to save others, he is a hero.
    I told him how proud I was of him, after I saw him on Dateline, he was so humble, all he did was tear, up and say" Thank You"
    I feel both Lucky, and Privileged to have 2 such wonderful and caring, experienced Dr.'s on my side, Wow!
    They were sent to me from God.
    When I went to a different Radiation Oncologist, I only saw him once, all of the times I had treatments, his assistants helped me, he was not even there for my exit interview with the results from my radiation?
    I did see him driving out 1 morning, in a $130K vehicle with a vanity plate on it.
    Glad I don't have to go back to him again, ( or at least I hope I never go back to him? )
    I did not pick my doctors, they were picked for me, when we are first diagnosed with cancer, I don't think we have the wherewithal, to do any sort of background checks??
    My son did do some checking on my Dr. Bikinna early on, and he found I was in good hands.
    Dr. Bikinna actually even sent me out for second opinions twice.
    I would recommend that you have someone close to you Google your oncologist though?

    1. I'm glad you found a doctor that you respect. I agree we are overwhelmed when we receive our initial diagnosis. It is very helpful to have someone assist you in doing some research on possible specialists to consult. I called the International Myeloma Foundation when I was dx with myeloma. They provided me with a list of specialists in my area. Also joining a support group either online or in person may help you find a specialist that is respected.

      1. This is SUCH an important topic I think. Because the truth is... we have a CHOICE! So if we don't vibe or truly feel comfortable with the first person we see, I think there is a choice to go see a second opinion. The unfortunate aspect is that insurance does play a role in WHO we get to see first hand. I truly believe that I got so lucky in finding my oncologist- he is kind, caring, intelligent and empathetic. All extremely important values I believe a doctor should have.

        I think it's most important to feel comfortable with your doctor while also knowing they have the experience and medical capacity to treat you. So yes, I think it's important that they are able to treat your cancer and match the needs of your personality and emotions. And if they can only match one, find the one that can treat you and seek emotional support from a nurse, technician, etc.

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