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Does anyone else feel superstitious about taking your power port out?

I’m five years out of a stem cell transplant for non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I still have my power port. I feel like it’s an umbilical cord, “ just in case”. Anyone else feel superstitious about taking it out? My Follicular Lymphoma came back as aggressive B cell after two years. I guess I feel like it’s my lifeline. But they would like me to take the port out.

Community Answers
  • neeneex4
    10 months ago

    I’m keeping mine in! Just in case!😉

  • cyclesylvia author
    1 year ago

    It IS convenient, and I have used it for minor surgery I have had, follow up CT’s. BUT, remember to hike in and get it flushed in schedule. I’m religious about mine. To get it taken out of me is sort of a symbolic thing- like an umbilical cord. By taking it out, I guess I’m acknowledging that I’m moving on beyond that part of my life, and trusting that it won’t come back. Mine came back once. So that is my dilemma. Keep your port in good order!!

  • Anthony Carrone moderator
    1 year ago

    Hey cyclesylvia – I wanted to share the community’s responses to your question from Facebook: click here Thanks for posting! I hope these responses are helpful! -Anthony (Team Member)

  • BenMo
    1 year ago

    I know what you mean. I still have mine 3 years after my CAR-T treatment, from which I’m still in CR. They are considering me to be cured, but no one has suggested removing it yet, even when I’ve asked. Maybe when I’m at the 5 year mark like you? I’ll admit it’s still very convenient for routine blood work (I have small veins).

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