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A New Year Re-Solution

The basics

A firm decision to do or not do something

Pledge, promise, or undertaking

An action or process of solving a problem

An answer to a problem, specifically a set of values of the variables that satisfies an equation

prefix indicating return to a previous condition, restoration, rebuild, renew, retrace, reunite

Verbs beginning with re- indicate repetition

Just another January at the gym

I just returned from my daily walk on the local greenway, which happened to be the first sunny, warm day of the new year. As I had grown accustomed to in my pre-MM days of going to the gym, the place had many more people than usual for a similar day other times of the year. I’m pretty sure a lot of those folks were what I have traditionally referred to as “New Year Resolutionists”, and not out walking or running because of cabin fever.

Don’t get me wrong, the term is in fun. The phenomenon of resolutions at the beginning of the year, especially when it comes down to getting back to a healthy lifestyle, is as sure as the sun coming up tomorrow. I have always rooted for these folks because I know what a difficult thing it is to start a new habit or reignite a good old habit, especially one that requires commitment and time. They have also made a pledge to undertake fixing a not so good situation.

A different way of looking at resolutions

I can’t say I’ve been much of a “Resolutionist” during my life. I do feel though that I have been a “Re-Solutionist”, which is obviously a play on words, but more importantly, a different way of looking at this year beginning phenomenon. Note though that to become a “Re-Solutionist”, you normally have to start off being a successful “Resolutionist”. I have found that this particular viewpoint has become even more important since my diagnosis and all the associated issues brought on by multiple myeloma.

A Resolution is a pledge to do or not do something. An example would be to quit smoking. You are making that pledge through a decision process, a decision that can be modified any time. My definition of “Re-Solution” is returning to a set of values that solve a problem, or re-solving an old problem that has new variables, like figuring out how to exercise again with a spine that looks like a child’s erector set experiment and living in a world where fatigue rules.

I understand this is a subtle difference, but in the “Re-Solution” case I am making an assumption that we are past the resolution stage and have conquered and carried through the resolution, but now face a change in the variables of the original solution. In my exercise case; I once resolved to actively exercise, I made the change in my habits and life style, becoming an avid exerciser for decades, then got multiple myeloma, which changed the variables (fractured vertebrae, fatigue, nausea, compromised immunity, etc.). I had to come up with a new solution to exercise based on where I had been and where I could go, i.e., a “Re-Solution”. Of course, everyone’s situation is different, so your plans and actions of the “Re-Solution” would be personal and different.

Be resolute in your Re-solutions

In my case, I consulted with my medical team including oncologist/hematologist, back surgeon, and physical therapist. I also measured my sentiment against their advice on issues such as back braces, spinal weight bearing exercises, and gym memberships (immunity issues). Once all that was complete, I did my best to come up with the new solution to the old problem. Hopefully, I am now satisfying the new equation.

As was true in normal life, things will change and those changes may require another “Re-Solution”. Am I happy with my new solution? Yes and no. No, in that I still want to be that uber-active person I was before the diagnosis and can’t be. Yes, in that I have to work with what’s available and make the best of it, as well as feel I’m headed down the right road.

I also use this process in dealing with other situations like job, career, eating habits, and travel. Again, we may not come up with the solutions we had prior to cancer and probably won’t entirely like them, but this process can give you some say in determining the set of values that solves your problem for now, and something you can return to many times.

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  • Ann Harper moderator
    9 months ago

    I call what you’re saying, ‘Plan B’. This is for when plan A won’t work or can’t work. Plan A is the one I want, but I move on to plan B which is the one that will work for me at the time. I guess that’s what life is all about.

  • Carole McCue
    9 months ago

    A really great approach.

  • bluchs
    9 months ago

    Thank You Very Much!
    I will take all the Prayers, I can get.
    God Bless You

  • bluchs
    9 months ago

    Considering my terminal condition.
    My only resolution, is to live to see another year?
    So I am doing everything I can to achieve that?
    Diet, exercise and Prayer, is about all I can do??

  • Ann Harper moderator
    9 months ago

    I have changed my diet and lifestyle and it has helped to slow down my cancer. I eat a totally organic, vegan diet and drink fresh juiced green juices everyday. I am sending prayers to you.

  • bluchs
    9 months ago

    Thank You Ann!
    I also have found my diet to be helping to prolong my life.
    My oncologist and my pain management doctors.
    both have asked me what I am doing?
    I guess I have lived longer than either of them expected.
    I do not eat meat ever, I don’t drink milk and I have reduced my dairy intake.
    I eat blueberries, every day along with Greek yogurt.
    Plus I eat a hard boiled egg, and 1/4 cup of oatmeal, every day.
    I only cook with olive oil.
    And I only drink green tea, with a bit of honey, and ginger root in it.
    Water of course, and only natural juice, no additives.
    I walk for exercise, that is about all I am able to do.
    But I have actually, become much more faithful, since I got sick.
    I actually, have always said a prayer at night, since 1997, but now I pray all the time?
    I will Pray for you as well.
    Thank You Ann.
    God Bless You

  • Ann Harper moderator
    9 months ago

    I think everything you are doing is wonderful. My opinion is that diet is really important. I am solely plant based and I juice everyday. I have recently started taking a class from Hippocrates and plan on looking into the ‘Living Food’ lifestyle. I’m hoping this is the key. I also try to walk daily and pray. I think one of the biggest things I do is to try and stay positive and just live my life. Thank you for the prayers, they always help. I will keep them coming your way too. Good luck to you. Please keep me informed of how you’re doing.

  • Mike Padjen author
    9 months ago

    @bluchs. I will help with the prayers my friend for many years of resolutions. I’m sure you are doing everything in your power.

  • Daniel Malito moderator
    9 months ago

    @mpadjen Good outlook, man, we have to do that I think all to some degree in order to deal with cancer. Keep on keepin’ on, DPM

  • Mike Padjen author
    9 months ago

    @danielpmalito. Thanks. It is a constant battle isn’t it?

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