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New Horizons

As the year ends and the new begins ...
What do you wish for in 2024?

I have a few things I hope to accomplish
They all involve writing

Hopefully, they will happen with a will and a prayer 😀

  1. I hope you accomplish your writing goals. I suppose my priority at this point is to land a new job. It is a brutal market out there and I've been trying like crazy for months. There are a few possibilities on the horizon and my wish for 2024 is that they work out.

    1. Thank you Susan! I know in time you will find that right opportunity for 2024. Fingers crossed. Best!

  2. Focus on my discipline in certain areas. I know these areas are gonna open other doors if I just stay disciplined.

    1. Discipline is indeed part of the mission.

  3. I am rebranding and relaunching two of my businesses. These are huge endeavors, but I am so excited! 2024 is my year!!

    1. yesss🥳🥳🥳🥳congratulations 🎉🥂🍾

    2. Congrats Leya! That's wonderful 😊 Wishing you all of the success!

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