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What do you do for exercise in the winter?

I walk daily, but it's tough to do when it's cold. What are some of the activities you do to stay fit?

  1. In my younger days, I would go jogging when it was so cold that my eyelashes froze once, but after everything I've been through I don't know that I would do that. I still find that most days I can get out. I used to go to the gym and exercise or go swimming in cold weather but I'm not going inside at this point so I am doing virtual classes through my local YMCA, both yoga and strength training and cardio. Some of my friends got fancy exercise bikes, but I don't want to spend the money.

    1. I keep telling myself that I will start to do some strength training or balance exercises - I need to, but I haven't, well at least not consistently. The only thing I do consistently is walk. That's not terrible, but I know it's not enough. Good for you to keep up on your fitness. Definitely a smart move (pun intended - lol).

  2. At the place where I received physical therapy for my achilles tendon tear, etc. they have a program called "Faze Four," which is a step above p-t, but not quite gym class. The time I go twice a week, I am the only one in the class with the physical therapist/trainer. I work out (legs, arms, core) with everything adapted to my needs and limitations. For a couple of years, I've gone once per week for aquatic therapy. It is a treadmill in a tank, basically, so again, one person supervising outside of the tank. The treadmill is broken at the moment but is expected to be fixed soon. I stopped everything 4-5 mos because of COVID but got very, very weak--too many near falls. Now back to it with mask on. Can't afford pricey equipment even though I know it would help.

    1. That's wonderful your physical therapists have such nice equipment. My aunt goes to her physical therapist to use their equipment also. She loves it. I take a walk and use weights. That's it for now.

  3. I'm with you on that. I just walk and plan to ride my bike in the spring. I also use weights. That's it though.

    1. As a trainer, I love just using only my body weight when I can't get out and about during the winter. I find a good stretch during cold days helps me with those insane body aches I endure.

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