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Treatment Costs Help

Hey there! Looking for some help. One of my friends was diagnosed with cancer recently. His long-term disability insurance claim was denied by the insurers. Hence we are looking for lawyers to file a claim against the insurers to get the full benefits for the treatment. Does anyone know any efficient lawyers around? While searching on Google, I saw about on one of the pages. I haven't heard about them before. Does anybody know about their services? Are they reliable? Kindly share your thoughts.

  1. This problem is shared by many. Recently my LTD claim was put on review. It's been 5 months waiting for the insurer to finish their review. In the meanwhile, there is no income for me. I reached out to a disability lawyer and we are waiting for a denial to move foreword. I would suggest searching for a lawyer who specializes in disability claims and I would move forward as quickly as possible on this. The lawyer will take over the claim and give your friend some much needed rest from all the insurance stress. It's ok to interview several lawyers until you find the right fit for your friend. I hope this information is helpful and that your friends' claim comes to a speedy resolution. In this situation we need all the help we can get.

    1. Hi Ryan, so sorry your friend is experiencing this. We cannot, unfortunately, reccomend any lawyers but can provide so resources to help with the cost. Here is a great article by one of our advocates for financial assistance: Also, here are some just general resources for this newly diagnosed:, Hope this helps in some way! Warmly, Rackel ( Team Member)

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