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What are your tips for finding a good specialist?

Have you found a good oncologist, hematologist oncologist, or other specialist? Share your tips with fellow community members! If you haven’t found a good specialist, what challenges have you faced?

  1. I would be happy to give names if anyone else needs a, well, an anything, really, in and around Manhattan. The biggest tip I can give, though, is stick to reputable hospitals, they usally pound-for-pound have better doctors, in my thirty years of experience. Not to say there aren’t good docs elsewhere, I’ve just had better luck getting a good one on the first shot at the better hospitals in NYC.

    What I can say for 100% sure, no doubt, I’ll say it ‘till the day I die, is that having a good doc makes ALL the different in the world. If you are with a physician who really cares and puts in the extra mile, it can save your life. Literally, no joke. DPM

    1. have you found, or learned that a teaching hospital is preferable to others? This is something I have heard. Ideas?

    2. I so agree! Having a good doctor and being able to be open with a good doctor who makes you feel comfortable makes ALL the difference. I’ve been on both sides; having AMAZING doctors to not so great. The not so great doctors don’t make me feel great ☹️

  2. Daniel, it's great to hear that you've had such good luck with doctors in the NYC area! Having a physician who really cares can certainly make a difference. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    I want to share a few links for others who may be looking for more resources on finding the right care team:,

    Sending positive vibes to all! -Anthony (Team Member)

    1. Thank God for the internet! We can follow through on who these doctors are that we wish to speak with, and those to steer clear. In my journey word of mouth has helped tremendously too.

      1. That is so true I love my doctor and care team I had to be in 3 hospitals before I found the right one the third time was a charm. I live in South Carolina and it was hard to find a good place to be treated I found Bon Secours Health Systems they are great they are in Greenville Sc so if anyone lives in South Carolina and needs cancer treatment check them out. Your care team can make a difference between life and death I travel 2 hours for my care and it’s worth it just use the internet and word of mouth and facebook check out their page

        1. Hi , also live in SC and I have PV I’ve been to several local doctors I go to Greenville Cancer Center right now and I also go to Emory University a couple times a year to a MPN specialist.what type of of cancer do you have ? and is your Dr, very knowledgeable about MPN? And are you on currently on any medicine? Thanks Rhonda

        2. I travel about 1 45 mins to 2 hours away as well for treatment just because the care I receive Is really great! I go to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL💙 they are so nice and understanding ❤️‍🩹

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