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What Type of Blood Cancer Are You Diagnosed With

New here? Been with us since the beginning?

Introduce yourself below and share a little about your experience as someone living with blood cancer.

  1. Hi,my name is Arthur, I was diagnosed with cml last year,I have been on chemo 10 months and I have to start a new douse of chemo. Would like to know more about it. Went to u of m to see a cancer doctor.

    1. Hi Arthur, we're glad you found your way to this community. Here is a piece that you may find helpful, as you figure this all out, as possible taking points to go over further with your doctor. I hope everything with your treatment goes over well. Wishing you the very best!

    2. Hi Arthur. Wanted to say hello to a fellow CMLer. Are you on a TKI? Where is U of M? If you are able to, I would consult with a CML specialist (hematologist/oncologist) and ask him/her all the questions you need answers to. Knowledge is power. IF I can help you with anything, please let me know. I'm nearing 9 years with CML. Take care, Susan ( Team Member)

  2. CMML

    1. you're right in asking your hematologists about what is right for you. We are unable to answer medical questions here, but I found this article that may be helpful regarding the drug you mention.
      Thank you for sharing about your diagnosis and experience. Please let us know if we can support you in any way.
      Angie -team member

    2. I can relate, as I accumulated a whole bin worth of this and that relating to multiple myeloma. It indeed can be overwhelming. Best!

  3. multiple myeloma

    1. thanks for your response. It looks like there are others in this thread with the sane diagnosis. If you're comfortable sharing more, it's usually helpful to talk to someone who shares your diagnosis. Are you currently in treatment now?
      Angie -team member

    2. Have you started active treatment yet? How are doing today?

  4. CML

    1. I really appreciate you reaching out you hang in there We got this! I also enjoy the support group called Living with CML on FB I met some great people and great support too

    2. thank you for the information I will check it out. Yes we got this my family and friends are great supports and they are always telling me I am strong and will get through this, but it is always great to talk and have the support of someone that is going through it.

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