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Treatment Side Effects

What have been some interesting side effects you' ve experienced with blood cancer during active treatment? I would say my callouts would be the hand and leg spasms and neuropathy. The experience with spasms was like no other, and seeing the body contort for a few seconds was shocking.

What side effects have you experienced?
Have any of them been surprising?

  1. Very similar side effects ... severe leg/hand spasms and neuropathy in toes and fingers. One added "bonus" was a round of intestinal blockages that required hospitalization. My oncologist said -" oh yes that can happen if you are not doubling up on water consumption". It would have been nice to know in advance. Dennis( TEAM)

    1. I agree, a heads-up to some of the possibilities that were not listed would have been good. Be well!

  2. Burning hands and deepening of voice after getting platelets with the side of hivesđź« .

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