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Coping With Sugar Binge

Now that the holidays are in the air; How will you handle the number of sugary treats all around you? As we've heard and realized sugar is not a friend and more like a foe when coping with cancer and what usually feeds off of sugar. Though hard to stop cold turkey what do you do?

Well, there's gonna be my homemade pound cake for sure! However, I've reworked the recipe at times to lessen the amount of sugar called for in the ingredients. It's all about being mindful, right?

  1. Oh boy! Don’t I have a sweet tooth 🦷 I have cut down a lot, but I would like to cut down some more. Those dang organic forest gummy bears get me all the time lol! Ooo and my mama’s sweet potato 🍠 🥧 pie 🤤 😋 🙈already started thinking 💭 about this stuff and I don’t even have it in my hand right now lol! 🥴😅 moderations I always say🥰❤️ Amanda💜🐼(team member)

    1. That's all we can do Amanda... moderations. It's on this holiday that we all hope to experience yet again, that we live, eat, and be merry. Best!

      1. I look at it this way - It is the holidays - enjoy a few pleasures over a few days and do it in moderation.

        1. Exactly Dennis!

        2. I think if you apply common sense to living all aspects of your life ... things tend to work out for the better. We all can always over exercise, over eat, over indulge, over commit etc. and the list goes on and on.

          Age and cancer put a lot of things in focus for me. Would have been nice to have this kind of insight when I was younger but so happy to have it now 😀 Dennis( TEAM)

      2. Yes, I too struggle with not eating sugar and find that when I am stressed or lonely that this seems to be highlighted. I also am my own worst enemy as I keep telling myself, ..."Its dark chocolate, or its maple syrup so its fine." Finding that level of moderation is something I will be working on for awhile yet....

        1. Hye, you have to start someplace, and what better way than moderation. I think we can beat ourselves up, but we must remember sugar is an addictive source and understandable the want for it. We do our best and keep it moving. Best!

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