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The best friend I can be to my sister who has T-LGL leukemia with RA and liver damage from her RA drug (side effects) s

I so want to be there for my sister and I worry I may say the wrong thing when I'm not walking in her shoes. I do know with my incurable illness, there are days I don't want to hear a "pep" talk...or that I need to think positive.
She can't afford to get an infection of any kind, so she isolates like many of us these days...and we live a thousand miles apart. I can't sleep from worrying about her and she is very depressed. I have recommended she join a help site but she won't do it. God help me, I don't know how to help her.

  1. wow, that is certainly a stressful situation to be in for sure. Thank you for sharing this with us. All I can say, in my opinion, is don't give up. Be there for her, though you can't be with her in person. Certainly remind here she's not alone with this type of journey. Hopefully it will help comfort her. Best wishes my friend. Shane ( team member)

    1. Honestly, pray <3 I've been in situation recently where I've done all I can and I continue to do the best I can do help and continue to pray. I hope your not offended that I said pray. I just know and even on my hardest days I continue to remind myself prayer still works and nothing is too hard for God. Prayer changes things and when there are more than one praying Matt. 18:20 it's even better <3 Im praying with you <3 Amanda Panda <3

      1. Thank you for reminding me that we are all in God's hand. I am not offended at all! As a matter of fact, when I read this I took a deep breath. How kind and caring you are for reaching out. I am praying with you too. nance

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    2. I am so sorry for your sister's pain and I understand your concern. Being thousands of miles away makes supporting her even more difficult, not to mention the pandemic and all its complications! As a cancer patient I can tell you what really makes my day and maybe its something that you'll find helpful for your sister too. If she would be open to it could you have meals delivered to her door, or maybe a cleaning service with impeccable standards arranged to clean her place, or a simple care package to be delivered to her? Comfy pj's and fuzzy socks are very welcome! I find its really helpful when I can find something that helps ease my mind. Would she like to try a video game (I'm thinking Animal Crossing on the Nintendo system), or a computer game or maybe just crossword puzzles and that type of thing. I have a favorite water bottle that helps me keep hydrated. Maybe she'd like that too? Or just her favorite home made cookies? It's aIways good to know that someone is thinking of you, so phone calls and texts can raise spirits even if we can't always answer. I hope this is helpful. Remember its great when someone just listens and its awesome to receive a surprise in the mail. Sending hugs to you. Sincerely, Maria.

      1. I think that just giving her a phone call now and then would be a great thing. I agree about the "toxic positivity,"--it really wears on you. Instead, why not talk about mutual hobbies, books, TV shows or other non-illness topics when you can. I know when I'm talking with friends on the phone and the conversation veers off to regular things, it makes me feel better to get a reprieve. You can help her by looking after yourself while still letting her know you are in her corner. It will go a long way. Take care. Susan

        1. So easy to over think all of this --- best for me has always been to just follow where my heart takes me

        2. I can relate to the overthinking. I find that going outside for walks or doing things to help relax or make me happy helps calm my thoughts down. How have you and your sister been doing? Warm wishes, Katelynn (Team Member)

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