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Will you share your blood cancer experience with us?

How do you cope with living with blood cancer? When were you diagnosed? Share your blood cancer story with us here!

  1. How Do You Cope? ..... Basically you have no choice. Out of the blue you learn. You have blood-cancer. You fall apart ... You are in shock ... You do not know what to think. You "know" you are going to die and day ... You get the courage to tell those close to you. Then you swallow hard and undergo treatment and somehow you cope with the many ups and downs and somehow you get through it . Then one day you look back and say ...How the hell did I cope with all of that? It is truly one of life's great mysteries . A non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Survivor here .... Dennis( TEAM)

    1. Coping.....When I was told I had cancer I didn't react, I was calm. My daughter accompanied me to the doctor so I remained strong for her. Once home along I prayed to God to lead me through this journey because I had no idea what to expect and wasn't strong enough on my own. I have had some lows but mostly high days and I have learned to live each day with a positive attitude. I have experienced the death of a very close friend that battled Multiple Myeloma for 15 years. Watching him live to the fullest was an inspiration and I cherish each new day that God gives me being grateful. Started my journey in 2015 a Multiple Myeloma Warrior.

      1. Thanks

      2. my husband wS diagnosed with myelofibrosis in 2019, AML in 2020.
        While starting chemo in December of 2020, they had cut his dose of eluquis in half, and he suffered 4 strokes. I consider myself blessed that he can walk, talk, eat, ect..but he has no short term memory, and cognitive issues
        He had an SCT in April of this year. We spent 6 weeks in the hospital...and I owe him making it this far to God..I brought my Bible to the hospital, and would read while he slept...It is a scary journey with many unknowns....God will see us all through, I have no doubt!

    2. None of us have a way to see into the future - and being frustrated and stressed puts lot of strain on your body - alway best to find comfort in a higher power and let your mind, body and soul heal as you undergo treatment

      1. They say you never forget that moment your doctor calmly says you have an indolent cancer which means it is slow growing but incurable. How true that statement was!

        I am very anxious for that numbers game with my blood. But I am living each day as if it is my last. I don't want to say I wish I had done that! Now I just do it!

        1. After beating cancer 3 x I hear you loud and clear on your quest to live each day to the fullest. Yesterday 8/1 was my birthday and I can not believe I have gotten this far. I am young at heart and that 78 year old guy in the mirror still smiles back at me.

          The only way to gain experience is dive into life, make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. We all spend so much time being distracted and striving for goals that once achieved are often a disappointment. How often do you hear people say " is that all there is to life?" It is so easy to miss many of the small joys that happen in our lives every day. Cancer with its many challenges has a way of making us focus on what is important.

          I remind myself every day not to sweat the small stuff any more and have moved away from toxic people and situations. Instead I enjoy the fullness of life and living. And it sure sounds like you do as well. .....Congratulations

          Unless you have been diagnosed with cancer or some other "fun filled" life threatening event is impossible to understand the impact this stuff has on you and your mental outlook. With cancer you can choose to go into dark places or you can JUST DO IT and throw open the doors of life and let light shine in.

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