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Onset of Other Issues

What some fail to realize is that stable numbers in cancer or a remission... well, doesn't mean that onset of other issues stay at bay.
I've been complaining for about 4-5 years now of troubling joint pains only on my right side, and even as a Fitness Trainer; I'm constantly mindful of what and how I need to move about without more distress.

Have you had any other issues that have surfaced or resurfaced?

  1. Yes, I’ve been experiencing extremely muscle cramping out of no where again. Hands, feet, side, hamstrings, neck, muscles in my chest 😩 definitely everywhere.

    1. Sometimes the party just doesn't let up- SMH

  2. Yes ... several things have resurfaced - Two years since ending my chemo and i still get some significant leg and hand cramps + never ending numb toes. I also find it happens more when I have not hydrated enough or do not get enough vitamin D or dose of some sunshine - Dennis( TEAM)

    1. Yes. Besides AML, I also have advanced osteoarthritis in all my joints. Since chemo and SCT, now that my body has had time to do some healing, I'm finding my arthritis has advanced a lot more. Especially in my spinal column. I know I'm getting old, but

      1. This is one area we don't hear much about and that is the never-ending bone issues that linger. Yeah, that may not be all about getting older either.

    2. One positive (so far) has been when I went on chemo my oncologist told me to stop taking allergy shots for fear of possible infection. After ending my treatment he suggested I wait a bit to see if i still need shots. I thought that was strange advice burt so far its been 2 years and no allergy shots have been needed. Chemo does some strange things to you. ... Dennis( TEAM)

      1. That's great! Yes, the do's and don't when on treatment..and sometimes when not. Best!

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