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Has anyone been diagnosed with leukemia and had a normal blood count?

Hi, I have not been diagnosed with leukemia but have reason to believe due to radiation exposure I may have it. I am getting bone pain in both hips and ribs, night sweats albeit once a night not long after going to sleep, however, all my blood tests have appeared to be normal with the exception of raised and continued rising ferritin. Just seeing if anyone else has had normal blood but been diagnosed with leukemia? Thanks, Al

  1. Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues. With so much of this stuff it can difficult to pin things down. A few months ago while traveling out of state I was misdiagnosed with pancreatic cancer only to later discover I was actually facing early Stage ll non-Hodgkins that had enveloped the pancreas. When in doubt what helped me was to explore different medical teams and additional testing - Wishing you the best

    1. Hey there - I posted your question to our FB page to try to gather some responses for you. Here's a link to the thread if you'd like to check it out. I hope this is helpful! Keep us updated on how you're doing! Sending positive vibes your way, Anthony (Team Member)

      1. Hello , My blood counts were all low when I got my diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia (AML). I don't know about the other blood cancers, but with AML you cannot have normal blood counts. Since you posted your question a while ago, hopefully you have found some answers. There are a lot of other reasons that could explain your symptoms and I agree with that it's best to pursue it with your doctor. Every time I diagnose myself with something I'm wrong! Sorry to hear about your symptoms and hope you either have gotten answers or get some soon.

        1. Hi Thanks for your reply.

          When you say your blood counts were all low, do you want to be more specific?

          Since I posted the question I have discovered that with t-AMl which is brought on by previous radiation or Chemo exposure, quite often blood counts are lower and never high, give my concern is previous radiation exposure I am worried about my normal blood counts ( odd statement I know ) any info accepted?

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