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  1. I am suffering from lymphoma, it is almost 3 months now since I found out about this. It's a kind of cancer that begins in infection-fighting cells of the immune system. I don't know how will I be cured but this friend of mine told me to try the CBD, at first I did not believe because my doctor doesn't allow me to take some cannabis as a medicine and this is a fake medicinal treatment. But I read this that it really help others that's why I tried it but I did not tell my doctor about it. So I take this for months and it really helps me a lot. I know that others won't believe me but trust me it really does.

    1. Hey - I am so glad to hear cannabis is helping you. Many people here have reported trying CBD as well. You can weigh in on the conversation if you like: Although there is no scientific cure that cannabis cures cancer, I am so glad that you found something that helps. It is always best to keep your doctor informed of all medications you are trying, for your safety! Sending positive thoughts your way, Anthony ( Team Member)

  2. I have been fighting B-Cell Lymphoma for 3&1/2 years now.
    The first 13 months were very bad, after only about 3 months, Hospice approached me, but I chose to fight, so I did not even consider hospice, at that time.
    I was stage 4 during my first fight, then after 13 months I was told I was in Full remission, WOW!
    But remission did not last.
    10 months later, I was again very sick, and hospitalized, this time, My Oncologist said " I can't fix this, I can only give you more time " You are terminally ill.
    That was very hard to take, I left in tears that day, I did not know what to do to continue??
    Hospice, approached Me again, while I was still in the hospital.
    But once again, I chose to fight, so I had radiation therapy on my spleen ( it was very enlarged ) they actually wanted to remove it, but I refused!
    I also went on a daily oral chemo therapy drug, which I was told I will be on for the remainder of my life?
    That was 19 months ago!
    My Oncologist, at my last appointment, said " It is Gods will that you are doing so well "
    My Pain Management Doctor, at my last visit asked me
    " what are you doing to stay so well? " He went on to say, one of his friends, just died from the same B-Cell Lymphoma Cancer that you have, after only 1 year? He wanted me to tell him??
    Well , this got me thinking?? What am I doing??
    All I know is, I immediately started to do research on my disease?
    I started a cancer fighting diet, and exercise program, plus my faith in God grew.
    So I can only say? that I believe that both my diet and exercise, along with my faith in God has kept me here??
    I am not sure, if I am allowed to say what my diet is, here or not, so at this time I will not??
    Plus, of course the medication, I am on, has a great factor in my prolonged life as well.
    I see My Oncologist this week, and My pain management doctor again, right after Christmas.
    I am anxious to share my diet with them both?
    Especially , My pain management doctor, since he asked, and I was not able to answer him before?
    I just said it must be Gods Will, at that time? and perhaps that is all it is?
    But I think diet and exercise are helping?

    1. As a member, you can certainly write what your diet is, as long as you aren’t telling people to go off their meds or something. Me, as staff on the site, on the other hand, have stricter rules to follow, but that doesn’t mean I can’t say that I’m happy for you man! I’m glad you found a way to keep your spirits up, both physically and mentally! Keep on keepin’ on, DPM

  3. Diet, exercise and My fight with B-Cell Lymphoma.
    I am adding, to my last post about my diet, exercise program which, I believe is helping to keep me alive?
    Also, I just would like to say, that this is what I believe, please always do ask you own oncologist, if this is for you or not, I am simply saying that this seems to be working for me.
    When I was told, that I could not go through IV chemo again
    ( it would kill me )
    I decided to do the daily oral chemo therapy, along with diet and exercise, plus prayer of course.
    So, first I did a lot of research, mostly on line, but I also bought a book, "cancer fighting diet".
    I stopped eating red meat, in fact all most all meat, I just eat a small amount of chicken or turkey ( no skin) and very rarely some pork( no fat).
    I reduced all dairy products, and eliminated milk totally.
    I switched to olive oil, and never use vegetable, or other types of cooking oil ever.
    I eat 1/2 cup of oatmeal, and a hard boiled egg, every day.
    I eat blue berries with Greek yogurt every day.
    I never eat white bread, whole wheat only.
    I eat lots of vegetables, every day, especially asparagus, and avocado.
    I never eat sweets or sugar, not ever.
    I never drink, soda or juices ever.( pure cranberry juice only )
    I drink, home made, green tea, with ginger root and honey, or water.
    I never, ever, eat junk food, fast food or deep fried food, not ever.
    I will eat cottage cheese, with pineapple on it, sometimes
    (for protein)
    I try to get as much exercise as I can, walking is about all , I am physically able to do anymore.
    So when I go shopping, (even though, I have a handicap permit) I park way out in the back, forcing myself to walk more.
    I do take some vitamins: Again, ask you doctor before ever taking vitamins, some actually may not work well with prescription meds?
    I take 1 multi vitamin,1 81mg aspirin,1 calcium with D,1 Ocuvite, 2 of each, stool softener and laxative, 1 in AM and another in the PM ( due to opioids side effects )
    So far, for Me. all of the above is working.
    Although, my blood counts are all a bit low, the key is, they are all only a bit low.
    My immunoglobulin is also a bit low, but I have not needed a gamma globulin infusion since I started My diet.
    Plus it has improved, just a bit since my last blood test.
    So, Yes, I am still very sick, but I am alive, when everyone expected me to be dead by now.
    I believe, that it is not just God, and My daily oral chemo therapy drug (Imbruvica)
    But perhaps, my diet and exercise as well,
    Who is to say for sure ???

    1. I went from 175 lbs down to 157 in about a month. My ribs were like a washboard - No desire to eat Food had zero taste - Things did improve with weight after my 2nd round of chemo but very slow - Back to norm now sort of - still get tired a year out from treatment. Watch your immunity - I got a nasty case of COVID most likely due to a compromised immune system according to my oncologist - ok now with that as well ... Hang in there

    2. Wishing you the very best!

  4. July 30th 2018 i was diagnosed with stage 3 hodgkins lymphoma. I went under a rigerious chemotherapy of ABVD chemo for four months. Then the belomyocin caused lung damage and i had to finish with just AVD. Its been a couple months since ive been cleared and in remission. For a month now i have had what feels like a swollen lump inbetween my tonsil and tounge whenever i swallow. Its painful and feels similar when i swallow as the one lymphnode they biopsied on the same side of my neck did when first diagnosing me. When the lump acts up i get lethargic, and its constantly there. It seems to feel more painful after a drink or two. I went to see urgent care about it and they told me it was probably a tonsil stone and to wait it out so i did and its just been getting worse. Last night i woke up having a difficult time breathing like i did before with the lyphnode they biopsied when that ine acted up. I also had other symptoms of pain in my back and nausea accompanied by pain in my upper stomach. So i went into the er. They checked my vitals, my thyroid and looked inside my mouth. They said they couldnt visably see anything and even said it was propably paychological due to worry. I have a fallow up with my primary this friday but i still feel the lump on the one side and it gets painful if i eat or drink alchohol. Im concerned they will dismiss me again like the last two time and like they last time when i first was diagnosed. When i went in for tests before i was diagnosed nobody belived me until the lump in my neck became visable and did a biopsy. They all thought it was mono and strep until the tests came back negative.

    1. Hi Crystal! I had a very similar experience as you. I started with ABVD but because of my lung damage, I finished off with AVD. I also experienced blood clots in my lungs because of my port. I am so sorry you are now experiencing this scare... have you heard back on any of this and has it continued? I'm really proud of you for being an advocate for yourself and continuing to follow up regardless of what they say. When you know something is wrong with your body, you just know! Please let me know what came of this.

    2. , we are just checking in. How are you doing? Thinking of you, Shayla

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