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Has anyone else on this forum been diagnosed with t cell lymphoma duodenum meitl?

I was diagnosed with t cell lymphoma duodenum meitl cancer in 2020. Since then I've been to numerous doctors who told me that it's so rare and aggressive they honestly don't know how it behaves, if that makes sense. They have not been able to find it once the tumor was removed. However, they can't verify that it's gone. That's why I'm asking this question because it's so unfamiliar to doctors that they don't have the answers for me. I feel fine, but not the same as I have before the diagnosis. periodically I had scares where they thought it return via biopsy and blood test. I even had to have IV iron infusions. I noticed that now there's a reoccurrence of the symptoms but I don't want to jump the gun and just go straight into its trying to reoccur. When I informed the doctor of the symptoms he basically told me that it could just be indigestion. It's like the doctors are no longer helpful and my insurance prevents me from finding new doctors. So I greatly appreciate if someone else can share their experience with it if anyone in his forum has been diagnosed with it

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