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Has anyone tried CBD oil?

Let @sandynash what your experience has been like using CBD oil!

  1. Hi ! I'm glad you asked this question and am happy to share my experiences with cbd oil. My primary motivation for trying it was as a means of controlling my chemo induced nausea. Many of the most commonly prescribed medications for nausea control simply were ineffective for me or had really harsh side effects negating their minimal benefit. From the very first, I found it extremely helpful in controlling what was a major chemo side effect for me. Quite unexpectedly, I quickly experienced other beneficial effects as well. I noticed that it enhanced the impact of my pain management medications, providing me with greater overall relief of a longer duration allowing me to take lower doses and less frequently..a double win-win. It also helped with another chronic issue, insomnia and restless sleep. I found it easier to drift off and woke up somewhat less without the harshness of traditional prescription sleep aids. Although I am not sure if this was just a side benefit of not being chronically nauseous and sleep deprived or a direct consequence of taking the cbd oil, I found myself somewhat less anxious overall...a welcome thing irregardless of the source. Now for the obligatory disclaimer. I need to stress that I am merely recounting my own experiences and am not making a recommendation or providing and advice that anyone should or should not use cbd oil. Also everyone should always consult with their health care providers about anything before considering utilizing it. I hope this answer is helpful and would be happy to elucidate on any part of it further should you have any questions. Thanks again for reaching out with your question and have a great day! Scott Christiansen ( Team Member)

    1. Hi Scott. Love your statement as I have been using CBD oil for almost 2 years now on a daily basis. I to have occasional problems with going to sleep at night, as the brain doesn't want to shut down after I lay down. It wants to continue thinking about all the days stress. I started using CBD oil about 3 months before I was diagnosed with AML. It seemed to work better than Melatonin 30mg. I have suffered from IBS since I was 12 yrs old, and discovered shortly after starting CBD oil that it was putting my IBS under control for the first time in many years. That is a blessing of all it's own believe me. When I was diagnosed with AML, I continued using CBD oil throughout my 3 months of chemo therapy. For me, I really believe it helped me breeze through the chemo as I didn't get sick to my stomach as a lot of people do with nausea. I went through chemo almost like I wasn't even receiving it. My Oncologist's was pretty amazed as they were pushing the chemo pretty hard since I was only days away from passing away. Today, one year later still in remission, my blood tests are coming out healthy and perfect. Again, like you, i'm not recommending or condoning using CBD oil, and most certainly recommend checking with your PCP before using it. But for me, I feel it is working for the better good in my body. Best wishes, Shane ( Team Member)

    2. Love to know what brand of CBD you are using -

  2. Unfortunately I live in SD and CBD oil is NOT legal here. But next week I am actually going to be speaking with an oncologist in Colorado who has been using CBD oil with a few of her patients. I look forward to hearing what she has to say.

    1. ,
      Please keep us updated. We'd love to hear how things go after speaking with the ongologist.
      ~Doreen (Team Member)

  3. I tried CBD oil, but didn't really get anything out of it. My husband tried it for sleeping and he found that it really helped, but he was groggy in the morning. He does have to wake up early for work. He doesn't want to use it anymore because of that, but would try it again when we're able to retire.

    1. I have found that using a few drops of CD oil under my tongue at night is a great help in sleeping and staying there. Key is to find a quality product and stick with it

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