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Looking Forward

How do you feel about living with blood cancer looking forward? 65% of our In America Survey respondents said that they will not let blood cancer stop them from making long-term plans. 43% said they are optimistic about the future. How do you feel?

  1. I am optimistic! I have a different look on life. I value life more, moving in purpose, and being intentionally with everything I do. I choose joy in the ups and even in the downs. I can personally pull good out of any situation, because at the end of the day, I have been through worse <3 Life is great and I am strong! <3

    1. I also refuse to let this diagnosis define me!

      1. 🥂🍾✨yes💗💪🏾That’s what I’m talking about ‼️🧡🧡🧡🫂

    2. I can only speak for my daughter. It has not stopped her.

      1. I found the reality of blood cancer along with my chemo treatments made me look at life differently. I finished treatment and they said there is not need to come back enjoy your life. So I went home but in so many ways life is just different.

        I felt a bit lost then and still find myself looking for a new direction but not really sure where the compass of the future is pointing.

        For me there is a new sense of awareness and less of a tendency to let small annoyances upset me. There is also a strange sense of confidence in living my life more fully after treatment and yet there is a glint of uncertainty that comes into view every so often.

        It is hard to describe those mixed feelings but I suspect everyone here who has battled or is battling blood-cancer knows exactly what I mean. So I just take and enjoy it one day at a time. Dennis ( TEAM)

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