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"I feel like no one understands how I feel."

Do you feel that your friends and family understand what you are going through?

  1. There's a small number that actually asks how's things are going. The others assume I'm on superwoman mode, so they don't question further. She's still kicking so she's good (eye-roll).

    1. That super woman part! I get the same vibe as well. It sucks sometimes, I like super woman but when I tell people I’m tried, they don’t believe me, and it’s written all over my face. But they just go on with she’s fine, it does bother me.☹️😔 Amanda🐼

    2. Yeah, I don't get that as well Amanda. I figure it's their coping mechanism that someone they love is dealing with this big issue. If visually things look well in their eyes, it helps them process that "okay you don't look like the frail" and how they assume a sick person is supposed to look. Now with all that said, it is annoying because it's not about them...

  2. Unfortunately I have found via 30 years of experience that the only people who really understand are others who have cancer. It's a shame but its true. Many people are sympathetic and kind (some aren't!) but even the closest loved one can only take so much before they kind of tune out in the nicest way possible. I don't blame them, they're only human, but it is unfortunately the truth. That's why this site is so important and necessary! Keep on keepin' on, DPM

    1. I agree 💯. I must say, as we have all heard .... "until you are in their shoes" do you truly understand. No way am I minimizing any hurt or disappointment felt by others' statements. However,cannot always avoid feeling sad because of a disappointing comment, especially from someone I would never expect. I try though.

  3. Heck no 😩🥴🥴😵‍💫, I can only say my mama tries to understand she’s seen it all with me. Everyone else…no

    1. Nah. I think that they try to understand, but to keep up would take a lot of energy and time. Everyone's got their own issues to deal with. I keep things short and simple so that we can all go on with our lives. It can be lonely especially when new symptoms/side effects emerge.

      1. I agree (forgive my repeating) Everyone has their own issues. No matter what, is huge and #1 to deal with to them.. We never know what is inside of others. Just as us. So cannot expect them to understand (especially what they cannot see).

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