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Has anyone had their white blood cell count and their absolute neutrophils count stay below normal range for several months? If so, what was causing it?

  1. I have it now as well as a low platelet count, I am tired and have no appetite, my doctor is not worried about it at all and I am afraid of leukemia

    1. I have battled leukemia for a decade now and I can understand your concern. I find that fear itself can effect our health. Its that release of all those stress hormones! Ugh! I think that our counts can change often and sometimes its not really a concern, but if it persists there may be an underlying reason worth investigating. In the meanwhile doing the things that are good for us and make us feel better gives us something more positive to work with. Take very good care of you ok? May these concerns work out soon. Sending hugs.

    2. I have a history of low platelets for the past 8 or more years as low as 55k at one point also a high White blood cell count for about 4 years prior to my dx of B-cell lymphoma my last two sets of labs taken prior to and during my treatments shows platelets up but still not normal range WBC improved to normal range still a couple of labs to high but not by much. Good luck!!!

  2. I have no experienced that specific thing, but I did have the counts all over the place enough so that I had to go to the ER once and half the nurses put a sign on my door that said "neutrophilic" and half tore the sign down. It was a very interesting three hours in the ED. Let us know how it ends up! Keep on keepin' on, DPM

    1. I have had some wonky bloodwork and in some situations it has been an infection that I was battling for awhile. I cannot say if this is your situation, but I do understand how confusing this can be. When it comes to blood cancer there are times when our blood work results can cause some real concern. What I've done is to give my body the best chance of overcoming what ever may be ailing it. Self compassion is key. I do hope things settle for you. Knowing that you are investigating it until it does gives much hope. Sending hugs.

      1. Please keep us posted we definitely care💞, I’m sorry I’m not able to give you an answer I have not experience this myself. But everyone’s body is different and so maybe your lab work being low could be your norm? since it’s been a few months as your expressing. I will say personally I would investigate more maybe have another doctor look into the situation because four eyes is better than two eyes and six eyes are better than four 💜💜💜🫂There’s power in numbers and community 💛 Amanda🐼 team member 🧡

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