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  1. I have CML leukemia - was diagnosed 10/29/17 I am currently on 100 mg sprycel - trying to deal with all this

    1. Hi ,
      How have you been feeling since starting Sprycel?

    2. I am doing ok on the meds - have some side effects

  2. Hello Eileen,
    Thank you for joining this network. As this is an uncharted area for you, take each day in stride. Please reference our many topics as Anthony has mentioned.

    1. My husband is on chemo in the hospital and he has aml would like to hear other people that have or had dealt with it.

      1. Hello, sorry that your husband is going through this. There are a few people over time with similar situations. If you have time you can read the link on one more recent post. The very best!

      2. , how is your husband doing? We just wanted to check in. Thinking of you, Shayla

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