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"But You Don't Look Sick"

Have you heard these words before? Because you can't see blood cancer, many people assume that you aren't sick. What would you share with others about what life with blood cancer is really like?

  1. The big difference with me is I've gained a lot of weight so I really look different to people plus they can see the obvious mobility issues now that weren't there before. But yes, I've heard, "You'll be just fine. You look fine," too. I wish. I would share that life with blood cancer is more difficult than they could possibly fathom and the best thing is for others to treat the person the same and be there for them.

    1. that’s all I asked for treat me like the same person and just be there. I found out personally some that request was just hard for some to do. Which also made me sad. I’m a tough cookie 🍪 though.

    2. I know. It was really tough to lose people who I thought would stick by me. It gets a little easier over time to accept but still a bitter pill to swallow, as they say.
      You are a tough cookie. You'll persevere.

  2. People tell me all the time you look fine they just don't understand. I'm tired all the time I have no energy. Now I'm having surgery on Thursday for breast cancer and every one is like we will pray for you.Well they didn't when they found out I had MDS because I look good.

    1. I'm doing good. Ty for asking

    2. 💜🫂

  3. I hear "you look great for someone with cancer and gone through chemo". I always tell them thanks. You should have seen me before I was diagnosed and went through hell and back. I even had a judge for jury duty tell me last month that I looked to good to have cancer, that I was just trying to get out of jury duty. Until I pulled my app up on my phone for my diagnosis in my hospital history and showed him I truly was diagnosed. Shut him up and was dismissed. Best wishes, Shane ( team member)

    1. WOW I would not have been very nice after that. I'm so sorry to hear you had that experience. Hopefully one day people will have a better understanding. Warm wishes, Katelynn (Team Member)

  4. Naw...hes a judge...i'm a civilian, I wasn't going to argue with him when I had all the proof i needed. No point in ticking him off by being disrespectful.

    1. true

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