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How do you spread awareness about blood cancer?

September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month. How do you spread awareness about blood cancer during this month and beyond?

  1. I tell my story, I inform people of “be the match” and other cancer charities, volunteer for some cancer organizations to bring awareness to blood cancer, I bring awareness to aya cancer survivors and I inform people of support group activities to just have some fun! Amanda 🐼( team member ♥️)

    1. thats so awesome. I also am strongly involved, and am a advocate for "BeTheMatch" Organization. They do so much good and work very hard at what they do. Best wishes my fellow moderator. Shane ( team member)

    2. 💜🫂

  2. Found a fun conversation starter for Blood-Cancer - more to come soon

    1. need to be happy in such a hard situation

  3. Oh, I share articles about blood cancer, and I no longer sweep it under the rug the fact that I have leukemia. I've changed the banner on facebook for the month of September and if anyone asks me anything, I'll answer questions. Always open to being honest.

    1. I share my daughter's story when someone asks. It's important to get a second opinion if you know something is off, but the doctor isn't seeing it. We all need to share our stories. Ann ( Team Member)

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