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Have I, have I not

I have petechiae, fatigue, slight thrombocytopenia, headaches, joint pain, night sweats, sore throats, abdominal pain. Waiting results on fbc and crp. My grandmother had chronic leukaemia. I know something is not right

  1. It took me quite a few months of repeated bloodwork for the diagnosis to come through. Sometimes it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. Sometimes the symptoms are so vague that they are easily overlooked. I'm glad you are following up with tests. I can imagine how scary this must be especially after your grandmother had it. I'm so sorry to hear that. These days we have much better outcomes. I'm rooting for you! I hope you find an answer soon.

    1. Thank you so much, some days I think it is all in my head and today I get breathless and I know there is something going on

      1. I probably had symptoms for several months prior to my blood cancer --diagnosis -- fatigue -- headaches -- some abdominal pain - but not much to speak of.
        Testing finally pinpointed the issue and it just takes time . My wife has been waiting for months to see an MD - she finally was able to get some testing done and was told not to look for any answers for several more weeks - Yikes

        You just never know - My blood cancer was treated last year and so far all is looking good - Keeping my fingers crossed for you and ...yes treatments today are pretty effective. What helped me during uncertain times was remembering to focus on the many small happy things that happen to each of us every day. Dennis( TEAM)

        1. Thank you so much for your reply, I will have to be patient x

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