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Financial Impact of Cancer

How has having blood cancer impacted the financial situation for you and your family?

  1. I must say that all of my medical was paid with a combination of Medicare and additional private coverage. I almost fell over when I saw the first invoice for $70,000 per treatment. Quite eye opening but no impact on finances ...Dennis ( TEAM)

    1. My treatment is covered, so I feel very fortunate in this regard. Most of my medications and therapies are covered as well and for that I am grateful. In regards to an income? I did my best and worked for ten years while treating CML. To date it has been almost two years of applying and fighting for disability status. While my government disability pension has finally been approved, my private disability pension has been under review again and again and again. This leaves months without an income for me and its been going on for over a year now. We have always been a two income family and the financial insecurity of it all makes for many sleepless nights.

      1. Let's face it cancer is a big business, and many patients and families suffer, while the money portion is figured out. I've been fortunate in being covered, but there have been some instances where that co-pay for meds has added up in monthly costs. It's being in this predicament that you realize the complexity of being ill and who pays for it- literally!

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