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Fear of Second Cancer

I had a scare a few weeks back that luckily turned out to be not what we thought. I have to admit the fear of second cancer struck me off guard. We get complacent in the world we're in and what we're presently coping with, but what if it gets rocked yet again?

Do you or have you experienced a second cancer scare?

  1. I had a second cancer scare about two years after I was diagnosed with the first one. There was a "mass" in my pelvis and my doc told me it was very likely metastisized breast cancer--99 percent chance. I had pet scans, cat scans, MRI, etc. and then a "bone biopsy," (not to be confused with bone marrow biopsy) for it to be ruled out as a "clump of cells," that just decided to get together down there. It was a big relief but I was also aggravated at the time because I had to wait three weeks for the ultimate results. (My doctor had gone on vacation and told his office to call me and tell me the news. They didn't. He had a lot of apologizing to do when he got back).

    1. He was actually on the floor in front of me, crouched down, apologizing over and over for having me be worried that long. I was pretty pissed off but it was years ago and he eventually regained my trust. He gave me a different email for himself and said if I emailed him he would answer me no matter where he was in 30 seconds. It's not always 30 seconds but it is pretty close. And he's called me when he's out of town to give me heads up on tests results, etc. so I don't have to wait, worry, etc. He's actually pretty exceptional compared to doctors I've had in the past. Best of all, he's a CML specialist and there are not many of those around.

    2. There are so many questions... first, a bone biopsy sounds like it may be the mecca of uncomfortable from a BMB (yikes), and what was the doctor's office thinking by having you wait so long for the results? In the end, I'm glad everything turned out well. The things we go through are unreal.

  2. Yes I have had that scare. I ended up being lucky because that was all it was, a scare. A biopsy for a second cancer, as you know ... seems like a long wait for results. Thankfully good news! You said it perfectly... We become complacent. I learned I will stay with the life I now know

    1. Exactly! I'm happy everything turned out okay. Wishing you the very best!

  3. I’ve never had a scare of a second cancer just the return of the first diagnosis but I am definitely with you on not getting too comfortable. Nobody wants to go through the fight again or over and over again 😣

    1. Exactly...this is indeed a pins and needles game. Wishing you the very best!

  4. I had a relapse of cutaneous T cell Non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2008 after having been diagnosed and treated with CHOP in 2005. I was treated in 2008 for 4 mos with ICE and then had an autologous stem-cell transplant on Jan 2, 2009. I have been in remission ever since--13 years. My oncologist tells me I will never have NHL again. However: I do worry from time to time about contracting a different form of cancer, possibly as sequlae to the chemo prior to transplant. ICE was extremely debilitating and has its own horrid array of long-term effects.

    1. I understand the worry from time to time, I had a relapse after 3 days short of my 5 year cancer anniversary. I do my best not to go down the rabbit hole🐇 🕳 of worrying. It’s hard after all we have gone through🥴 the treatments are brutal in all honesty. Thank God for life🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💜

    2. - Same here did the RCHOP for NHL at Stage 2 and so far 🤞all is good. As far as relapse is concerned I have faced an aggressive prostate cancer twice and often wondered if that lead to developing an unrelated blood-cancer.

      I was told my compromised immune system due to RCHOP was most likely a factor in my coming down with and being hospitalized with COVID. Man oh man what a journey. Best advice ...Hang in there and stay positive Dennis( TEAM)

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