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Chemical Induced Menopause

For the women, did anyone experience chemical-induced early menopause from chemotherapy or a bone marrow transplant? How are you handling this side effect? I know this side effect is heavily effective the young women dealing with cancer as well as something you are not too prepared for in the sense of managing this situation.

  1. I never had another period after my chemo (RCH OP and D-HAP)

    1. 🫂🧡after my bone marrow transplant at 25yrs my period has not come back. I am 33yrs now. Who would have thought one of my prayers would be please God bring my period back 🙏🏾lol! The hormone unbalance really sucks and I want it back 😩🥺 our period really keeps things smooth 😥

      1. I experienced a rapid menopause when I started treatment. It was crazy!! In a few months it was all over. A few billy goat hairs left behind for good measure. It was so intense that I wrote an article about it. I can't say that I miss my cycle at all, but there are ways of combatting hormone imbalances. I wonder if a trip to a gynecologist might give some good insight? I think it would be worth the visit.

        1. yes I’ll make frequent trips to the gynecologist because of the hormonal imbalance, I have been prescribed medication 💊 and I keep up with my check ups. I would love to read your article! Do you happen to have a link?

      2. It's a crazy ride! I'm glad you have someone to help you through it. I hope the medication brings relief. The article is kinda raw, but it helped me work through a few things. Here it is...

        1. I don’t mind the raw transparent it helps to see and hear someone’s real truth 💜🫂🐼 thank you for sharing your truth 🫶🏾✨💞

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