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Cooking Utensils... Does It Matter?

I know in the early days of finding my way with myeloma, I considered changing the pots and pans with healthier components. May I say that was like searching for a needle in a haystack, with few options to consider. Have you thought of those possible changes, or choose other healthier go to's?

  1. Also a good idea to look at how you cook things along with the utensils. Charcoaling meat on the grill if over done can add cancer causing agents. And the microwave apparently can also do some negative things. Some advice I got from a health coach was when you are in the supermarket stay out of the middle aisles. The healthy foods vegetables, eggs milk fruit etc. are found along the edge. Now that is a simple health that is easy to remember. Dennis( team)

    1. Cast iron cookware, cups made of copper, stainless steel over nonstick coating, bake over fry, natural cleansers over harsh chemicals, local farms over box stores, cotton over polyester, comfy over trendy, UV treatment over harsh prescription creams and lotions. Fresh over frozen. Claritin and hemp oil daily. Leukemia has made my body really sensitive to the things I used to take for granted. This list is some of the things that work for me. It's not always achievable every single day, but its worth the effort.

      1. That's a great list! Thanks so much for sharing.
        ~Doreen (Team Member)

      2. I agree you can do what you can do. When I was looking for the best and healthiest cookware, well there's really not a lot to choose from.

    2. I never even considered this while cooking. Yikes!

      1. I guess I need to do some research lol

      2. I've heard good things about cast iron, I'll look into that more thank you! 😀

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