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Tips for Managing Brain Fog

What are some tips for managing brain fog?

  1. I'm not that familiar with this, or may not have realized this is what it was called. I would say close your eyes and do a couple of deep breaths to regroup.

    1. Writing things down and making a million alarms on my phone (though annoying) has proven to be very helpful for me.

      1. Yup! I definitely take notes, keep a kind of journal (meds, tests, symptoms) write things on a large kitchen calendar and use alarms. A good night's sleep and being able to go at my own pace helps.

        1. I have been finding that keeping notes on everyone in a small wire binder is very helpful - Also put lots of reminders in my phone. There are probably pluses and minus to documenting everything. On one side you know where to find important information and hopefully not miss important dates/appointments etc. On the other side you just might be training your brain not to remember stuff. Now that i am a widowed male I no longer have my back up brain (my wife) to remind me. So its the Apple Brain that keeps me updated now 🍎

          1. Again Dennis sorry for your loss. Yes for those married or with long-term partners we can relate to relying on our second half for those important details. The brain can only do so much so writing things down is not a defeat, it's a necessity. Best!

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