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What can I expect between now and a bone marrow transplant?

What can I expect between now and a bone marrow transplant?

  1. Hey, . When are you supposed to receive your BMT? Warmly, Shayla (, Team Member)

    1. Good morning. I haven't been scheduled yet. They're looking for a donor match and my BMT doesn't seem to be a priority at the moment. I was just wondering how the symptoms change between now and then. Will I get really sick, have lots of pain, etc.? Thank you.

      1. I have myleofibrosis. I think the only chemotherapy will be to kill my marrow before receiving the donor marrow. I'm just wondering how I'll feel as the disease progresses to the point where the doctor thinks it's time for the BMT. I haven't seen my specific cancer discussed on here, but I haven't been on very long either.

      2. So agree it is really important to speak up and be honest whenever you meet with your MD. It is so easy to put them on a pedestal and be reluctant to speak up

        That said I believe it is equally important is to speak up and share thoughts with the nurses especially when you are in treatment.

        I am always amazed at the advice and soft insights they can offer. They are the ones who are interacting with patients on a more personal level and may be actually spending more time with you than your Doc.

        The MD's are typically more focused on the details of your treatment (as they should be) vs some of the quality of life and mental peace issues that nurses are very good at picking up

    2. Don't know. The doctor doesn't seem to be in a rush. He said that when my white blood count starts spiking then it'll be time. My WBC was elevated last time but he said he wasn't concerned yet because the increase was gradual. I'm seeing my local oncologist monthly and my BMT doctor every 4 months. Next week is local and then down to Dallas March 5. I'm just dreading everything after all I've read about it.

      1. Hello ,
        It certainly can be overwhelming, especially when you don't know what to expect. I thought I'd share this article that may provide some helpful insight: Always know we're here for you and we're sending you all our best,

    3. I saw my local oncologist yesterday. My platelets level dropped but red and white levels were slightly improved. I see my BMT doctor next week and I hope he has found a donor or that I'm still doing OK without an immediate need for the "3 months of hell" that the transplant has become in my mind. I've never had more than an overnight stay in a hospital so to imagine that long with all that goes with it is almost overwhelming. Thanks for the words of support, and I appreciate that no one is sugar coating anything. I'll trust God to get me through it when the time comes.

      1. ElJefe,
        Thanks so much for the update.
        I'm glad to hear there was some improvement in your red and white levels. Sending you positive vibes for next week's appointment. Please keep us posted.

      2. Found that a good set headphones, a music subscription and books got me through a lot of down time during treatment. TV especially the News drove me nuts it created more stress. When reading you can enter a new world - Had several folks in my group who were using virtual reality headsets to escape their world of chemo treatment. If needed that will be my next purchase 😀

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