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Bone Marrow Biopsy Aftercare

Does anyone have tips on bone marrow biopsy aftercare? What things can you do, what should you avoid?

  1. I use to take Ibuprofen before my biopsy and lay down for the rest of the day. I would say if your capturing your cancer journey, I know for me I wish I at least had video one of my bone biopsies so that I could have it as part of my journey as I did my video journals.
    Amanda🐼 ( team member 💜)

    1. no they didn't

    2. ok

  2. At the time, I was able to take Ibuprofen (can't now because of the TKI I'm on). I just rested on the sofa and watched a movie that day and took it easy. Then went back to life the next day--a little sore, but not bad. The worst part is the biopsy itself. The aftermath isn't too jarring.

    1. The best way to get through the after-effects of a BMX is definitely to rest on a flat surface. As Susan mentioned the worst part is the process itself. I usually leave that bandage on a few days even though you can remove it after a day.

      1. Echoing that the worst part is the procedure. I walked away a little gingerly but don't remember needing to do anything special afterwards.

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