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Blood Cancer Awareness Month

What do you do for the month of September, or do you do anything? It's already a gloomy month with remnants of September 11 in the mix. As a blood cancer survivor do you have any go-to in awareness? I usually post me living life usually with a smile, or when I feel like it. Wink : )

  1. I make a decorated post every year! This is my post for this year🧡

    1. Love that concept!

    1. This is a small thing but it works I changed my watch band from black to RED -When folks notice I say it reminds me of my blood cancer diagnosis - BINGO - questions start without much prompting Timely Blood Cancer Awareness Reminder

      1. Subtle yet nice Dennis!

      2. Yes! Love it! I have an orange one but it gets dirty pretty fast with all the moving around and stuff. I think I might have to join your bandwagon and go red! If you don’t mind ❤️Amanda🐼( team member)

    2. Go for it - we need all the timely awareness we can muster 😀

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